Why Us!

  • Creativity – The very essence of our business!
  • Effective – Partnering with The Fish allows our clients to focus on their core business!
  • Experience – Too many years to quantify… and we are hip to the here and now!
  • Flexibility – We welcome last minute projects and make miracles happen!
  • Time Savings – Award-winning commercial art studio combined with a start-of-the-art photography studio!
  • Trust – We get the job done on time and on budget!

Overall, Flying Fish Studios provides single source access to more knowledge, technology, talent and experience within the world of commercial art and photography so your life becomes easier.

Your Own Corporate Creative Department…
An in-house creative, marketing or photography studio may not be an option for every company. Even for those companies that do have this luxury, there may be a project that requires out-sourced support. Flying Fish Studios can provide cost-effective, on-time creative services. We are flexible, trustworthy and experienced in providing exactly what our clients – big or small – need.

Marketing Firm & Agency Partnerships…
Our company history includes working with some of the nation’s largest advertising firms and their international clients. Our portfolio reflects our diversity of support and range of talents. We are ready, willing and able to provide cost-effect creative services on-time and within or under our clients’ budget! We make our clients’ look great without taking any of the credit.

Our services… the tackle box

Black and White Ink
Invitations & Greeting cards
Line Art

Annual Reports
Billboard Design
Brand Identity
Corporate identity
Invitations & Greeting cards
Marketing Materials
Product Catalogs
Trade Show Booth Design and Graphics
Vehicle graphics

Photo manipulation
Photo retouching

Digital photography
Location Scouting
Still life
Traditional photography

Testimonials… bubbles from or friends

• Steve Abood, Marketing and Communications Director for The Parade Company
The designers are fantastic in grasping the ideas we are trying to exude in our materials and make them come to life… We enjoy working with Flying Fish Studios and consider them a valuable partner!

• Janice Perzigian, Director Marketing/PR/Events, Cornerstone Schools Association
I have worked with Flying Fish Studios for over 12 years on a variety of projects to include; illustration, digital retouching, design and layout, photography and printing. If I was to describe my experience with Flying Fish in just one word it would be – EXCEPTIONAL. Their creativity, attention to detail and willingness to go above and beyond is truly EXCEPTIONAL. Flying Fish Studios work has been recognized and applauded by both Fortune 500 clients I have served and industry peers. My partnership with Flying Fish Studios over the past 14 years has garnered over 18 prestigious MarComm, Hermes, and Communicator awards.

• Erica Kommer, Creative Services Brand Manager, Homedics
Flying Fish is our go-to source for all of our photo retouching needs.  Not only is the quality of work excellent, the turn-around time is exceptional.  Most projects that we work on have very short lead times and Flying Fish will do whatever it takes to get the job done on time and on budget.  We couldn’t be happier with the level of work received and would highly recommend Flying Fish.

Our Clients… The cast of fisherman

It might seem like a reality show about fishing but Flying Fish Studios is proud to have cast lines with many great companies and organizations including: BASF, Car and Driver/Road & Track Magazine, Carhartt, Chrysler, Coca Cola, Disney, Dodge, EDS, Ford Motor Company, General Electric, General Motors Company, Homedics, Jeep, Michelin, Michigan Motion Picture Studios, Owens Corning, Sanders Candies, Sharper Image, and TE Connectivity.

It should be no surprise, Fish as friendly as us regularly swim in our community waterways with many wonderfully tasteful non-profits. Cornerstone Schools, the Michigan Humane Society and The Parade Company. Because of these extraordinary organizations, Detroit is a wonderful place to anchor your boat and cast a line.

The head Fish you need to catch…

Craig Carson – our Humuhumunukunukuāpuaa (reef trigger fish) and senior designer, started his career on the roof (a long and dried out story) 18 years ago and gradually found his way down to our pond 13 years ago. Craig is an Award winning graphic designer that can add flare to any project and continues to shape (or mess up) the studio in his own likeness.

Ask him how he is doing and he will eagerly tell you his tale. “My education in design began (as he takes a long sip of Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa ) with the enchanting professoress T. Hennessy of Bossel Switzerland…” He then goes on about his early exploits and a mysterious affinity for women anglers, shot guns, fire trucks, and circus clowns? This may seem odd at first, but it’s normal once you get to know him.  So come on over and say Hi!

Bryan Ureel – our resident mad scientist and illustrator is the man, the myth and a legend for being Detroit’s creative miracle worker since Michael Jackson cut his Thriller album! He even had 2 white gloves, of course, strictly for retouching film. His background is traditional old school, gouache, oils, hook, bobber, worm and airbrush, all part of his tackle box. His techniques are diverse, having evolved into state-of-the art digital waters, his style of angling can adapt no matter what conditions. Traditional, decorative, graphic, editorial… no redfish, blue fish or green fish will elude his trusted tablet and pen. What kinda of fish do you need him to catch? Just book a charter!

Aside from being a master angler, he is the next hopeful for the 2014 Tour de France! Riding his acid green speed machine a grueling 20 miles every day, up hill, through almost any condition, the yellow jersey will be his! The secret to his extreme training… we’ll give you a hint: home-made salsa, shaken but NOT stirred martini’s, majadra sandwiches and a water bottle filled with Absinthe. Aside from his passion for 2 wheeled, human powered contraptions, he has been working on a triple doctorate in ceramics, glazes, cooking and tree hugging. Give him a holler and be amazed!

Maureen Pizzuti – A.K.A. MO – the Fish’s account manager and most colorful fish, made a big splash into our pond and the local creative waterways just over a year ago.  Her career experience, spanning many blue moons, has provided her with wisdom in the advertizing, automotive, retail and talent industries. (Just dont let her drive around with your dog in the front seat and have the window open:) Being well seasoned, (salt, pepper, lemon and a pinch of secret spice… Posh Spice to be exact!), with her fishing pole and a resourceful tackle box she will be your favorite charter captain and personal creative contact!

Alan Davidson – is a quiet character with a silly sense of humor who can shoot like no one else. He is Fish’s favorite fishing partner behind the camera lense, local area monopoly champion, digital pioneer and bidneth man. On a typical day, you will find him running from one set to the next and back again keeping the studio humming.

With his great passion for espresso and chocolate you can catch him (usually around 4pm) winding up for a late and intensive night of fishing with lights and blown bulbs. A master of light & shadow he is confident you will not be disappointed by any image he captures! So come on by for a hot shot, a good belly laugh and an espresso to die for!